Freshwater Fishing

bass fishingFreshwater fishing is a national past time. Most current anglers remember their first fishing trip when they were young catching a bream, bluegill or a small bass. Freshwater fishing includes lakes, rivers, reservoirs, creeks, streams and brackish water that connects with the ocean. Northern lakes and streams will have fish species such as trout, large & smallmouth bass, bream, pike, walleye, muskie and salmon. In the southeast and south, you can find freshwater fish such as largemouth, smallmouth & peacock bass, bream, crappie, catfish, carp, perch, pickerel and much more. In the southern brackish water you additionally find snook, striped bass, sea trout, sea cats, and even tarpon.


Fishing in freshwater will usually require light tackle, medium sized rods and reels, and using artificial lures, worms, jigs and sometimes live bait. Please browse our website to find some great articles and resources on freshwater fishing and how to catch many different types of freshwater fish.

  • largemouth bass
  • smallmouth bass
  • peacock bass
  • striped bass
  • channel bass
  • white bass
  • rainbow trout
  • golden rainbow trout
  • brown trout
  • brook trout
  • cutthroat trout
  • steelhead trout
  • channel catfish
  • crappie
  • bream
  • bluegill
  • northern pike
  • walleye
  • pickerel
  • muskellunge
  • salmon
  • sauger
  • carp


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